About Us

Doc Sneakers® is India’s No.1 Sneaker Brand. We are recognized sneaker specialists and are the first ones to cultivate sneaker culture from the day of incorporation in 2016.
Our Sneakers are manufactured in India, which not only creates opportunities for thousands of people but also promote domestic footwear Industry pushing the limits of technology and developing more self-reliant options, thus decreasing the dependence on imports.

Our Vision is to be a global sneakers brand. We believe that fashion should be affordable, thus we work with a pool of enthusiastic and extremely talented footwear designers around the country to get our customers the finest products at pocket friendly prices. Every sneaker embarks our quality standards and commitment to make it for our customer. No animal cruelty and only environment sustainable raw materials is what we take pride on. We are available on leading retail stores and on reputed online websites. We are a pool of diversified thinker and curators.

Our customer is the world, with focus on India primarily, We are set on course to empower the footwear sector in India and support the overall development technologically and logistically.

About Doc Sneakers